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International interns contribute $662 million to U.S. economy

By Mark Overmann | Vice President of External Affairs | InterExchange
International interns and trainees contributed $662 million to the U.S. economy in 2017, a just-released study indicates. The study, conducted by the research firm Eureka Facts, examines the Department of State’s Intern and Trainee international exchange programs. 
The major findings of the report include: 
Intern and Trainee programs are valuable tools for U.S. diplomacy, fostering positive attitudes towards the United States:
  • 95% of international interns and trainees reported a positive experience in the U.S. during their stay
  • 75% developed a more positive opinion of Americans and the U.S.
Intern and Trainee programs support the U.S. economy:
  • Interns and Trainees contributed an estimated $662.6 million to the U.S. economy in 2017.
Intern and Trainee programs add value to American businesses:
  • 85% of host organizations consider the programs important to their business.
  • 75% of host organizations reported that participants broaden perspectives of current staff through exposure to different cultures.
U.S. host businesses offer comparable programs to American staff:
  • 71% of host organizations offer equivalent Intern or Trainee program opportunities for their American employees.
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