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Legal Updates on Anti-Money Laundering in Italy

On October 3, 2019, the Italian Government enacted a Legislative Decree (“Law”) aimed at implementing the EU Directive 2018/843 regarding anti-money laundering matters in EU state members.

While the content of the Law is still unknown, the Law should introduce the following changes to the current Italian anti-money laundering framework. In particular, in accordance to the press release published on the website of the Italian Government, the Law aims at:

  •  defining some categories of entities covered by the Law, including Italian branches of insurance intermediaries headquartered in another Member Sate or in a non-EU Country;
  • an expansion of the audience of recipients of anti-money laundering obligations;
  • new rules on the treatment of virtual and cryptocurrency currencies as well as on foreign branches;
  • adopting due diligence measures and standards that financial intermediaries have to put in place in respect of clients who transact business with high-risk countries (where the money laundering risk is high), including verification processes that banks or financial intermediaries must implement for such clients;
  • empowering certain public authorities with powers to investigate anti-money laundering practices, including the power to forbid the establishment of branches in high-risk countries;
  • fine-tuning anti-money laundering sanctions.

Compliments of AEM Carnelutti, a member of the EACCNY