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Li Xu Appointed as Vice Secretary of Overseas United Working Committee, China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation

 Li Xu was appointed as Vice Secretary of the Overseas United Working Committee (OUWC) of the China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation, a subcommittee of the China Association for Science and Technology which is registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
In her new role, Ms. Xu is organizing a global think-tank forum to address the post coronavirus rebuilding effort.  The OUWC is responding to the demands “facing the world frontier of science and technology, economic key battlegrounds and the major national demand” called for by Chinese President Xi, acting as an important platform for advancing the implementation of the Global Community initiative.
Managing more than 2600 enterprises in China, including Chinese Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, etc., the OUWC guides and helps Chinese enterprises invest and cooperate overseas in a smooth and productive way.  The OUWC has established close communications with over 120 countries and enterprises around the world and has offices in 35 countries and regions that provide liaison services for Chinese enterprises.  To date, the OUWC has organized more than 100 overseas visits by Chinese enterprises, economic and technological project matchmaking meetings in more than 60 countries and is responsible for signed projects exceeding 30 billion dollars. The OUWC has received commendations from many countries and accreditation for a number of major sino-foreign cooperation projects from the central committee.