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Member Profile Series:  Eric Moore Director, Global Clearing, Broker-Dealer Services @ BNY Mellon

By Eric Moore Director, Global Clearing, Broker-Dealer Services@ BNY Mellon 

Where are you from, what was it like growing up there and what brought you to NYC?
I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Education, sports and exposure to other cultures through our European vacations were a main focus for our family while growing up. After my formative years of education in Ireland, I completed my university studies in the U.S when I was awarded both academic and athletic scholarships to attend Felician University, New Jersey. I majored in Business Studies and also had the opportunity to play NCAA soccer. I graduated with honors in 2007 and was offered a full-time position within the Broker Dealer Services division of BNY Mellon, based in their global headquarters at One Wall Street, New York.

What inspired you to pursue your chosen career path?
All of my determination I learned from my parents. My dad ran his own business and my mom worked in healthcare as a care assistant. I knew from an early age that I had a passion for business – in addition to my studies over the years, I learned the real-world business fundamentals from my parents, from managing an organized business, to treating each and every individual with the utmost respect. Having these traits embedded in me from an early stage has served me well and I continue to use to this day.

What was a defining moment in your career?
Working for a global firm such as BNY Mellon I have held positions in both New York and London. Having learned the U.S. market and business model, I had a passion to increase my global business acumen. I received an opportunity to relocate to our London offices and work within the Global Clearing business of BNY Mellon covering the EMEA and APAC regions. My time spent in Europe working with colleagues and clients across Dublin, London, our European Headquarters in Brussels, and even Tokyo, certainly gave me another perspective of the global markets and their interconnectivity.

What about NYC has made you stay?
Our commitment to growing the Global Clearing business has created great momentum in North America. This is evident by the rising number of clients based in the region that we are providing direct access to markets around the world. In regards to the city itself, New York does have a reputation of being a tough city, though that may be true to some; as I approach my 16th year of living in New York I still find it (and its people) a very welcoming place to work, live and study. The high level of energy and strong work ethic that the city exudes never ceases to amaze me and is one I enjoy contributing to.

What do strong European-American relationships mean to you, your life, and your organization?

It gives me a sense of pride to see the high level of connectivity between the two regions, from cross-trade and investment to celebrating each other’s culture and heritage. Our BNY Mellon Global Clearing business is a direct contributor to the economic relationship between the regions as we are the service-provider of choice for U.S. financial institutions accessing the European capital markets and of European Banks and Broker Dealers investing in the U.S. market. Our Global Clearing business embodies BNY Mellon’s commitment to being a global leader for our clients and their needs.

As the oldest operating bank in the U.S., BNY Mellon also has a strong global presence with our 52,000 employees based in 35 countries. We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary in Brussels (European Bank of BNY Mellon); and just surpassed our 50th year in London (UK Bank of BNY Mellon). These locations are complementary to our core operations centers, innovations hubs and client offices strategically located across the globe. Having this balanced presence across the regions enables BNY Mellon to service our client’s global needs and provide them with stability and choice.

If you would like to contact Eric directly, he can be reached at:

Eric Moore
Director, Global Clearing North America
Broker-Dealer Services, BNY Mellon
Tel: +1 201 395 1892

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This article was published on the EACCNY February’s newsletter as part of a monthly series called:  Member Profiles.