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MJV | Cybersecurity: how to reduce cyber attack risks in the home office era

The outlook we had previously was that companies in the financial and insurance sectors were the champs in suffering from cyber attacks, naturally because they have plenty of valuable resources: data.

However, that is changing. Unfortunately, we see companies of all sectors suffering from these attacks. This is because data is everywhere. And it’s worth more than oil.

What the most problematic element of Cybersecurity? The ever-changing nature of risks. Therefore, measures to add new layers of security to operations and services need to be a top priority for companies not to waste time, money, data, and customers.

What will you see in this content?

  1. Everything has changed once again.
  2. What is Cybersecurity
  3. Five steps to guarantee your company’s Cybersecurity
  4. Financial and insurance sectors: a separate chapter
  5. Focusing on Privacy and Security
  6. Protect yourself!
  7. Why is it important to worry about your company’s cybersecurity?

Companies have to get ahead to protect their data and customers. We prepared this e-book to help you in this endeavor!


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