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MJV Technology & Innovation | New Normal Under Construction (Life after COVID) Research

New Normal Under Construction (Life after COVID) Research is a study that aims to support anyone, especially leaders, to balance reflection and action for decision making in the present, with eyes on the possible futures.

For businesses, governments, and society, it has become clear that it is crucial to keep ourselves on our feet to develop anticipatory innovation and antifragility skills. This research dives into the uncertainties of today and the decade to understand how to tackle them best and transform them into future opportunities, as the only certainty in this new normal is the opportunity for reinvention.

Throughout the ten chapters of the study, we try to help companies and individuals navigate choices through a “futures map,” which contains some of the countless uncertainties surrounding us and the divergent paths they can lead to. Get ready to navigate through these uncertainties and build your own new normal.

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