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Navigating Uncertainty – The 2019 World Trade Centers Association Trade and Investment Report

The world economy is becoming more volatile and growing at a slower pace. These changes have forced businesses to make risky, complex decisions which could add costs to their operations, make them less competitive, or even render them obsolete. Yet new opportunities are emerging for those able to navigate the shifting tides.

The 2019 Trade and Investment Report, produced by FP Analytics in collaboration with the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), illuminates the sources of this uncertainty, the distinctive traits that make cities resilient, and strategies for adapting to the new normal. This study is the result of original city-level data analysis, surveys, and interviews with business leaders from around the world, using the WTCA’s network of more than 325 cities, representing more than 35 percent of global gross domestic product and 1.24 billion people.

Download the full report HERE

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