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[On-Demand Webinar] Tracking International Business Trips to Protect Your Organization

Keeping track of your employees’ international business trips is a critical, often overlooked component of operating a multinational organization. Business trips are short-term expat assignments, and they are often wrongly dismissed as low- or no-risk, which can prove costly.
Many companies, for example, unknowingly trigger a taxable presence in another country by sending an employee on multiple business trips there, which can lead to fines and reputational damage.
Short-term expat assignments may also create personal tax, insurance and other obligations for the traveler. Needless to say, the greater number of employees, jurisdictions and assignments involved, the more difficult it is for an organization to keep track of it all, and to understand and fulfill their (and their employees’) related obligations.
This webinar addresses what business-trip information you need to collect, why you need to collect it, and how to collect and manage it. It also includes information on exciting and modern technologies in this field that can help you. Here are some of the specific topics we cover:
  • The basics of business trips (i.e.: short-term expat assignments)
  • Tax, immigration and other obligations commonly triggered in home and host countries by these assignments
  • Real-life examples of the challenges and risks of business trips
  • Essential information to collect
  • How to effectively collect and manage business-trip information to protect your organization and your employees, including an overview of related new technologies

Presented by:

  • Katie Davies, VP International Solution Development, Vistra
  • Paul Rubino, Senior Director, US Expariate Tax, Vistra
  • Nishant Mittal, Co-founder & Head of Product, Monaeo, Inc.

Watch it on demand HERE: Tracking International Business Trips to Protect Your Organization

Compliments of Vistra, a member of the EACCNY