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Optimism In The Face Of Uncertainty UK SME Brexit Survey 2018

Each year, at OCO Global (a company specialized in International Trade and Investment) we deal with hundreds of UK SMEs and advise and support them on their international growth plans.

To supplement what we are hearing and seeing in our daily work, we have commissioned a survey of 1,000 UK SMEs, looking at the impact, expectations and level of preparedness ahead of Brexit.

Key findings include:

  1. Third of UK SMEs believe Brexit will be positive for their business (driven by existing exporters), and have already felt a positive impact since the referendum
  2. UK Exporters are making preparations for operating internationally after the UKs exit from the EU
  3. UK SMEs see more challenges than opportunities with market access, operational costs, and tariffs as their key concerns
  4. Europe is still the key destination for UK exporters
  5. SMEs highlight the need for additional support with in-market representation and introductions to networks at the top of their list

You can download the report HERE

Compliments of OCO Global,  a member of the EACCNY