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Responsible paper policy: Essilor ranked 4th in France

By Essilor

Essilor has recently been ranked 4th of the 50 biggest paper consuming companies in France for its environmentally-responsible paper policy.

The PAP50 survey, conducted by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF France) and Riposte Verte (a French non-profit organization promoting eco-responsibility in business) evaluates consumption of paper and cardboard, the use of environmentally-friendly paper and cardboard, sorting and selective collection of paper and cardboard as well as company commitments to improve.

Since the previous PAP50 survey in 2013, Essilor has improved its performance – reducing paper consumption per employee by 19%, recycling over 300 tonnes of paper and achieving a near 100% recycling rate across 24 sites in France.

One example of the policy in action is at Essilor’s Instruments production site in France which has become the first paperless production line in the Group. Essilor has customized an application to track quality in real time and replace 40 separate control points where people used to note quality issues on paper. Teams also use a digital database to monitor machine settings, eliminating around 125 kg of paper records per year.

Essilor has adopted a series of 2020 objectives to deploy its responsible paper policy across the Group with the ambition of further reducing annual paper consumption per employee, standardizing the purchase of eco-labelled paper (paper either made entirely of recycled fibres or a mix of recycled and new fibres that come from sustainably harvested forest) and targeting an 85% recycling rate.

Compliments of Essilor, a member of the EACCNY