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Revinax enters European Space Agency Program

By Revinax

From a worldwide first in mixed reality to outer space
After being the worldwide first to introduce mixed reality in the OR, the Revinax team is very excited to announce that we’ve been selected by the European Space Agency to develop immersive tutorials to train and help astronauts. Our patented tutorial technology was a top candidate in the ESA-BIC Incubator Program of ESA’s competitive cluster Aerospace Valley. 

Even though the ESA counts 16 other incubators in Europe, ESA-BIC Sud France is its only incubator in France. It was founded in 2013 and is coordinated by Aerospace Valley, a French cluster of aerospace engineering companies and research centers. Aerospace Valley represents around 1/3 of the French aerospace workforce; 8,500 researchers and scientists are active within Aerospace Valley territory. All 7 start-ups that were selected by the ESA-BIC program will be officially put in the spotlight during a special ceremony in Toulouse, France on December 19th, 2017.

The ESA-BIC program will allow Revinax to create mixed and virtual reality tutorials that can be used to help and train astronauts in order to make their work in space easier. The lack of gravity and isolated environment provide exciting new opportunities to further optimize our patented equipment for use in space…and beyond! We’ll also be able to open up our technology to other players in the spatial industry, such as the MEDES Institute for Space Medicine and Technology and the CNES Institute for Spatial Research.

A crowdfunding campaign to accelerate development
In order to fund these developments, Revinax has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the WiSeed platform to accelerate the technical and sales development of our virtual and mixed reality solutions. The crowdfunding campaign is only in its first stage and your vote matters! Don’t hesitate to visit the WiSeed platform for more information. Thank you in advance for your support!

Compliments of Revinax, a member of the EACC