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Set Goals & Master The Basics

The best strategy to start your experience begins with goals, planning, and structure.

Review your GCA Report. Start by making goals to improve your challenging areas (remember 84% is average) and consider sending this list to a sponsor or mentor. The Go Culture Guide (GCA Guide) is extremely valuable in enhancing everything from relationships to your workplace and classroom performance. Resources including Best Practices and Coaching Videos are readily available for clients.

Find a place for personal time and study, and make a schedule. Having a routine helps adaptation. Ask when and how to speak up or write emails to the supervisors or professors. Each situation may be different, so inquire. Try to make comments in groups when it is timely. Even if you feel concerned over language, try anyway.

At school, find out when a professor can visit (maybe office hours, or times before and after class). Some classes expect significant individual study/lab time, while others emphasize group work. Don’t be surprised in American education, for instance, when there is significant class discussion or group projects during class. Professors are not always lecture-types; each may use a different teaching style, and this is acceptable. Discover any tutoring or mentoring programs and learn their services.

It is normal to want assistance in language and tasks or to talk with someone when you feel scared. Seek community, but also know that many campus and organizational offices can help: Residence Life, Human Resources; International Office, Churches, Mentoring programs, Counseling Center, etc.

Compliments of Go Culture, a member of the EACCNY