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Steering the Road Safety Conversation Towards Good Vision

Kristan Gross, Global Executive Director | Vision Impact Institute

As we move into February, many of us may be wondering what happened to January. It seems that the month flew by. While it might be a struggle to keep those resolutions that we made a few short weeks ago, there is no shortage of inspiration for us to continue giving vision a voice.

Recently, I found inspiration in the students at Makerere University in Uganda who are using their education to make a difference in their community. These recently-graduated young people are the first locally trained optometrists in Uganda and will serve as a catalyst to prioritize vision and strengthen the country’s healthcare system.

Also inspiring is the collective work of Vision2020USA, urging the U.S. Surgeon General to dedicate the year 2020 to increasing awareness about vision so that all citizens can enjoy the lifelong benefits of healthy eyes and clear sight.

In small and big ways, I sense that a movement is on the rise.

In this month’s blog, I highlight the need to raise awareness about the importance of good vision on the roads in India. We know that the problematic relationship between uncorrected vision and road safety is a deadly, global phenomenon, and is growing more dangerous each year.

As India celebrates Road Safety Week, it’s the perfect time for both national policymakers and citizens across the country to renew their commitment to good vision on the roads, whether it is by individuals getting a personal eye exam or a broad policy that advocates for the same.

Work is already underway. The challenge, as with all change, is to remain focused on the reason for our work – to not only ensure people see well, but that they live well, too. Won’t you join us? You may be exactly the inspiration that someone else needs to start their very own movement.

Compliments of Essilor, a member of the EACCNY