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Stopping Software Theft: Copyright Protections and How to Enforce Them

In partnership with AltaClaro, RPJ Partner Mark H. Moore led a professional webcast discussing how to protect your company’s computer software from intellectual property infringement under the U.S. Copyright Act. This free presentation is designed for lawyers and non-lawyers. You can watch the presentation HERE.

Proprietary computer software developed by a company is often its most valuable asset. Protecting this key intellectual property from competitors requires planning prior to the existence of a dispute and effective advocacy once a dispute arises.

This webcast emphasizes practical advice rather than legal niceties and draws on Mark’s deep experience in multi-year litigation over these issues. Viewers gain familiarity with:

• Protections for computer software under the U.S. Copyright Act

• The pros and cons of registering software with the U.S. Copyright Office

• The legal and practical hurdles to obtaining copyright protection for software; and

• The tactical challenges of enforcing such protection

Compliments of Reavis Page Jump, a member of the EACCNY