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TD Bank Launches Adaptive Financial Education Program to Support Individuals with Diverse Abilities

By Manokia Musonge | TD Bank 

Interactive educational platform meets the unique needs of individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank™, is announcing the launch of its Adaptive Financial Education program, which offers a variety of on-site seminars along with online, interactive tools, tutorials and games that empower individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers to navigate their financial lives more independently and successfully.

TD’s new program is designed to improve financial independence and quality of life for individuals with diverse abilities — enhancing participation in the economy at every level, from employment to accessing financial services. The curriculum includes in-person and online instruction on key financial topics like income, taxes and employee benefits, expanding working knowledge of banking tools and services, such as bank accounts and ATMs.

“TD’s Adaptive Financial Education program demonstrates the power of banks to design innovative banking programs, services and tools that satisfy the distinct needs and preferences of individuals with diverse abilities,” said John Pluhowski, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer and TD Bank Subcommittee Chair for Individuals with Diverse Abilities. “By combining interactive elements, gamification and hands-on learning, we are enhancing the quality of life for people across the diverse communities we proudly serve.”

Understanding the needs of Individuals with Diverse Abilities

The program was inspired, in part, by results of a quantitative survey of individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers, sponsored by TD in March 2018. Findings revealed that 65 percent of respondents would like to receive more education on how to budget; with 35 percent wanting to learn more about using credit and debit cards; and 28 percent desiring help with savings.

According to the survey, a substantial percentage of individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers prefer financial learning tools that incorporate visual, tangible and interactive elements:  

  • 46 percent of diverse ability respondents want interactive/online learning access
  • 40 percent of diverse ability respondents want on-site learning opportunities

“This program will teach the fundamentals of banking and financial inclusion, offering multi-faceted educational resources to a segment of people who are traditionally underserved,” said Thomas Foley, J.D., Managing Director of the World Institute on Disability.

The Adaptive Education Program represents just one of the ways TD actively supports the needs of individuals with diverse abilities. In addition to proactively recruiting people with disabilities and providing industry-leading health benefits to families with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), this year marks the 10th anniversary of TD’s sponsorship of the Special Olympics, which provides year-round athletic training and competition for children and adults with varying intellectual abilities.

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