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The 50th Earth Day, Pirelli and the Commitment to Protecting the Planet

April 22, 2020 |

Carbon Neutrality, 100% of electricity from renewables and CO2 reduction. These are a few of the targets that Pirelli has set itself to contribute to the protection of planet Earth.

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the day established in 1970 by the United Nations for the world to celebrate the environment and the protection of planet Earth, falls at a critical moment, one in which the world has stopped, blocked by the Covid-19 pandemic. With human activity temporarily suspended, in a short time the air and water have become limpid again and animals are claiming the cities and beaches. This pause is also makes clear the need to make our world always more sustainable. Everyone has to do their part. People and companies. This is why safeguarding the planet has always been on of Pirelli’s goals.

The company’s numerous sustainability targets include, for example, achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2030, also thanks to the use of 100% of electricity from renewable sources and continuous and constant reduction of absolute CO2 emissions. In the coming years, Pirelli also aims to further reduce energy consumption and water drawing while continuing to increase waste recovery.

In addition, the company subscribed to the “Science Based Target Initiative”, a project supported by the CDP, UN Global Compact, World Resource Institute and WWF, which promotes the definition by companies of scientific targets for the reduction of hot house gases such as to facilitate the transition towards a zero emissions economy.

Pirelli’s commitment is constant, in the knowledge that only with an eye to the future and daily effort can we meet the challenges of protecting planet Earth.

 Compliments of Pirelli Tire North America – a member of the EACCNY.