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The EU’s New Ethics Guidelines – What Does This Mean For AI?

By Victoria de Posson | FTI Consulting

Last week the EU published its new ethics guidelines for trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI), ten months after the European Commission created its high-level expert group to look into the issue.

Our Brussels team look at what future EU policy initiatives might arise as a consequence. While it might be somewhat early to speculate, we can already start to read between the lines and anticipate some potential upcoming initiatives concerning privacy, data, security, transparency, fairness and sustainability.

Europe has been making strident attempts to catch up with advances being made in China and the US. Since June 2018, the Group – comprising 52 leading AI experts from around Europe and the World – has been looking at how best to build a sustainable, competitive and ethical framework.

Covering a diverse range of issues, it seeks to safeguard democracy, respect human rights and uphold European
values whilst creating the right conditions to stimulate growth and innovation. To build a new global standard, the focus has been on:

  • Shaping the right environment for investment
  •  Developing the correct regulatory framework and the interaction with data.
  • Consideration of the core ethical issues

Even though the report is non-binding, the guidelines will be carefully considered by the European Commission. And they will provide important input into the European Union (EU)’s future policy making on AI and an indication of a potential path forward. This is particularly the case during this yearwhen a new European Parliament and a new European Commission will take office and will agree the bloc’s regulatory priorities for the next five years.

Download the full report HERE

Compliments of FTI Consulting, a member of the EACCNY