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The Future of Europe: What Comes Next?

As Europe prepares to go to the polls from 23rd May, the European Council, representing the Heads of State and Government of each of the Members of the Europe Union, meets in Romania for one of its last meetings of the current mandate. Top of the agenda for discussion will be the key findings of its ‘Future of Europe Initiative’.

As Europe faces a crossroads on many fronts, leaders look to develop a future framework to remain strong and relevant in an increasingly competitive global environment. FTI Consulting Brussels predicts what is likely to come out of the summit in Sibiu on 9th May, in terms of what may go forward as priorities and what won’t.

It wasn’t so long ago that the EU used to be a universally loved and respected brand, beloved by its citizens and
democratic societies, revered by its neighbours and partners alike.

However unprecedented challenges in recent years have taken their toll. Certain assumptions are no longer taken for
granted. Externally, the political landscape is changing rapidly. We now live in a much more aggressive and
uncertain world. Internally, the Union has had to deal with an unprecedented sequence of issues that have questioned its
leadership and values. The rise of populism and nationalism go so far as to challenge the very need of a Union itself. There is a real chance that the future Commission, for example, could host up to three Eurosceptic Commissioners for the first time.

Despite the United Kingdom’s intention of leaving, the remaining Member States generally agree that there is a
need to stay together to deal with a host of problems – and opportunities – that are not going to go away.
The ‘Future of Europe Initiative’ is the Council’s fightback for a strong Europe. What it subsequently decides to prioritise
is hugely important in terms of how the EU claws back its role and relevance.

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