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The Toy Association Named on America’s ‘Best Nonprofit to Work For’ List

April 2020 | The Toy Association has earned a top spot on The Nonprofit Times’ 2020 Best Nonprofits To Work For list for the third consecutive year.

The Toy Association ranked No. 23 on the overall list, which distinguishes the top 50 nonprofits in the U.S. based on surveys with employees, managers, and outside vendors of participating organizations. The Toy Association received top scores across The Nonprofit Times’ eight criteria: leadership and planning; culture and communications; role satisfaction; work environment; relationship with supervisor; training, development, and resources; pay and benefits; and overall engagement.

“This is foremost recognition of our amazing and talented staff and how every day we collectively make The Toy Association one of the best places to work in America, which in turn drives the business forward and benefits the 1,100+ member companies we exist to serve,” said Steve Pasierb, president & CEO. “The Toy Association is one of among 1.5 million nonprofits in America and to be amid the top 50 for three consecutive years is extraordinary. The old saying has never been truer, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’”

The Toy Association remains dedicated to its role as a unifying force and an advocate for propelling the health and safety of the toy and play community. Over the past month and a half, The Toy Association staff and Board of Directors have continued to prove this commitment by providing members and non-members alike with new practical COVID-19 business information, advocating to keep toy businesses open to service families with critical resources for play and learning at home, and continuing to promote the good work and philanthropy of the industry during these times of uncertainty.

Pasierb added: “This survey is one of our important tools to regularly assess employee engagement as well as the association’s strengths and weaknesses. The anonymous feedback we receive, extensive data, and benchmarks against other similar nonprofits are invaluable diagnostics we utilize for constant improvement. As the Association strives to meet the diverse needs of businesses as well as reach consumers with helpful information and resources in a virus-disrupted world, it is our people and their relentless passion that make all the difference.”

Surveys and tabulation for the list were conducted by a third-party agency in order to ensure confidentiality. To learn more about The Nonprofit Times’ annual list, click here.

Compliments of The Toy Association – a member of the EACCNY.