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The Toy Association to Unveil Study on “The Future Toy Consumer & Toy Retail Ecosystem”

The toy industry is experiencing profound change as online shopping continues to grow, technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, customers increasingly want customized products, and the retail landscape diversifies. Yet, these challenges present exciting opportunities for the industry to redefine itself.

In light of this, The Toy Association has commissioned a series of studies by ProdigyWorks, whose exclusive network of creative thinkers and industry experts are exploring the future of the toy industry. The first study, “The Future Toy Consumer and Toy Retail Ecosystem,” will be unveiled at PlayCon, taking place from May 8 to 9 in San Francisco, CA.

At PlayCon, conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive discussion led by Ted Curtin, executive vice president of marketing and innovation at ProdigyWorks, who will share detailed insights about the study’s findings, including:

  • A case study of what the future toy consumer may look like;
  • Tackling the new retail environment to bring the consumer back to brick-and-mortar stores;
  • Harnessing technological advancements to enhance toys;
  • Aligning toys and play with more social-minded values; and
  • Inclusive strategies that neutralize gender and instead focus on character traits.

“ProdigyWorks is helping us uncover every imaginable opportunity, challenge, and trend that will impact the industry over the next five to 10 years,” said Ken Seiter, executive vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association. “From evolving consumer values and sustainability, to gender and play and a rapidly changing retail landscape, insight into these issues will help our member companies develop and launch new product, accelerate innovation, and solve complex business problems.”

Following the unveiling  of the first study at PlayCon, Toy Association members will have free access to the full report at Additional toy-focused studies by ProdigyWorks will be rolled out by The Toy Association in the coming months.