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The TreppWire Podcast

TreppWire has introduced a weekly podcast that provides listeners with up-to-date information on commercial real estate, structured finance and banking by exploring how recent events have impacted the markets and the daily lives of market participants. So far, the episodes have consisted of the following:

Latest Episode: The Future of CRE with Brian Stoffers, Global President at CBRE and MBA Chairman (June 23rd, 2020)

Episode 16: Signs of Stress in the Corporate CLO Market, Record-Breaking CMBS Delinquencies, Exodus from Big Cities (June 18th, 2020)

Episode 15: What CMBS Borrowers Need to Know in COVID Times (June 16th, 2020)

Episode 14: More Bad Retail News, A Look at the CMBX 7 Index, Credit Supply Risk in Corporate CLOs (June 11th, 2020)

Episode 13: “The Big Short” of CMBX 6 with Dan McNamara and Catie McKee from MP Securitized Credit Partners (June 9th, 2020)

Episode 12: The Massive Spike in CMBS Delinquencies, Loan Forbearance Expectations, Office Exposure in CMBX 12 (June 5th, 2020)

Episode 11: Making Sense of the Retail Market with Jan Kniffen (June 1st, 2020)

Episode 10: Two Schools of Thought on the Future of Office, Borrower Relief Options, More on CRE Delinquencies (May 28th, 2020)

Episode 9: Digging into CMBX and Store Closures, New Performance Data on Lodging, Retail and Multifamily (May 22nd, 2020)

Episode 8: The Impact of COVID-19 on CRE Valuations, the Next Wave of Delinquencies, New CMBS Issuance (May 15th, 2020)

Episode 7: Assessing CRE Risk, The Next Steps for Hotel Loans, The Future of Retail and the Amazon Effect (May 8th, 2020)

Episode 6: The Rise in CRE Delinquencies, What the Smart Money is Looking at, Signs of Life in Corporate Loans (April 30th, 2020)

Episode 5: The Coming Wave of Distressed Assets, Forbearance Requests, the Week in Retail and CMBX, More CLO Downgrades (April 24th, 2020)

Episode 4: The Sharp Increase in Non-Payment on Hotel and Retail Loans, Takeaways from Bank Earnings, Downgrade Risk in CLOs (April 17th, 2020)

Episode 3: Predictions for the Economic Recovery, Potential Concerns in CMBS, A Look at Student and Senior Housing (April 9th, 2020)

Episode 2: Forecasting Retail and Lodging Performance, The “Big Short” against CMBX 6, Hidden Risks in CRE (April 3rd, 2020)

Episode 1: What Happened This Week? The Impact of COVID-19 on CRE, CMBS and CLOs (March 27th, 2020)

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