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Trepp Selected to Manage Commercial Mortgage Loan Insurance Index LifeComps™

Trepp, a leading provider of information analytics and technology to the structured finance, commercial real estate, and banking markets announced today that it has been selected to be the exclusive manager and administrator of the life insurance commercial mortgage whole loan index known as LifeComps™. LifeComps provides a quantifiable investment performance index and serves as a benchmark for privately held commercial real estate mortgages.

Going forward, Trepp will generate the LifeComps Index, all underlying reports, and analytics for each of the life insurance industry participants, and use the 20-plus years of data to produce new reports, analytics, and insights.

“Trepp’s depth of experience and trust in the commercial real estate market and its track record of managing complex loan and real estate data, make it an ideal partner for LifeComps, especially as we look to deepen LifeComps’ value to members and expand the participant base,” said Neal Hastings, LifeComps President.

Current LifeComps participants represent about a third of the life insurance commercial mortgage market with more than $144 billion principal balance as of June 2019. The index, which was created in 1997, calculates and publishes quarterly returns and cash yields for the commercial mortgage portfolios owned by the participating members.

“We are pleased to have been selected to partner with LifeComps,” said Russell Hughes, head of data consortia initiatives at Trepp. “LifeComps is an industry pioneer being the first to build a robust database capturing comparative, commercial real estate, whole loan performance data over time, along with that of the underlying real estate collateral,” Hughes said.

While returns are derived from actual historic loan transaction data, the reported results protect the confidentiality of each participant’s data.

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