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Vision Problems Affect Billions Globally

By Vision Impact Institute | Essilor International

Dear Friends,

This month we’re honored to partner with vision advocates and organizations around the world for World Sight Day, an opportunity to lend our collective voice to reduce visual impairment and blindness.

Held on the second Thursday of October each year, World Sight Day was first initiated by Lions Club International, and is currently coordinated by the International Agency to Prevent Blindness (IAPB) in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO).  

It’s on days like World Sight Day that we realize our collective effort counts. According to the IAPB, a greater investment in eye health services, reductions in poverty, and other key factors are just a few of the reasons why 90 million fewer people are visually impaired than projected. In this month’s blog, I share my thoughts on why more people have improved vision and what we can do to ensure continued commitment as demographic trends challenge our progress.

I’m inspired by this momentum and our collective commitment. We know more can, and must, be done. Won’t you join us?

At the Vision Impact Institute, we’re inspired to continue making the case for healthy vision. It’s one more way that we can continue Giving Vision a Voice.

Kristan Gross, Global Executive Director
Vision Impact Institute

Compliments of Essilor International, a member of the EACCNY