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Vulcan Insight Analysis of the Latest EU Developments 25 – 29 November 2019

Von der Leyen Commission confirmed

Wednesday saw the confirmation of Ursula von der Leyen’s Commission by the European Parliament, with 462 votes in favour, 157 against and 89 abstentions. Before the vote, von der Leyen presented her agenda for the coming years, outlining digitisation, climate change and financial services as her top priorities. Von der Leyen will become the first woman to serve in the EU’s top executive role with a team of 11 women and 15 men – the closest the EU has ever come to a gender balanced College of Commissioners. Keep reading

An unpalatable choice – UK election manifestos launched

Parallels have long been drawn between the vote for Brexit and the election of Donald Trump: anti-establishment and anti-globalist sentiment, as well as economic hardship fuelled both. The UK general election sees another parallel with US politics – many British voters will face a similar quandary to that which American voters encountered in 2016: an unpalatable choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. On December 12, the British electorate will choose Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn as their next Prime Minister. Keep reading

Planning for the Future of Europe

Over the past years, EU institutions, member states and citizens have faced what, at times, felt like unsurmountable challenges to steer the bloc through a number of critical crises. With Angela Merkel’s warning in 2010 that “if the euro fails, we all fail”, 2015’s midnight summits to prevent Greece from exiting the eurozone, the sudden and irregular arrival of over 1.6 million migrants in Greece and Italy, increasing attacks on the rule of law and the multilateral world order, and the challenges of global impacts of technology and climate change, the EU has become accustomed to dealing with serious threats. Keep reading

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