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Vulcan Insight Analysis of the Latest EU Developments

European Commission presents draft Brexit negotiating directives
The European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, on Monday 3 February, presented the EU’s draft negotiating directives. The draft mandate will now have to be approved by EU Affairs Ministers on 25 February. On the first full working day since the United Kingdom officially withdrew from the European Union, the European Commission adopted the EU’s draft negotiating directives for the upcoming negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship. Pending any amendments by member states, the draft directives will now be adopted by the General Affairs Council paving the way for negotiations to begin as of March. Keep reading
EU set for budget showdown
EU leaders will gather in Brussels in two week’s time to decide the size and scope of the next EU budget (multi-annual financial framework) for 2021 – 2027. Discussions have been tense with member states deeply divided. The UK’s departure from the EU has left a 12 billion EUR sized-hole in the annual budget while the EU has decided to undertake an ambitious and costly Green deal. Keep reading
Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo warns Europe against fracking
Hollywood actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo visited the European Parliament this week to encourage MEPs to vote against a proposal by the European Commission to install liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals in Europe. He believed that fracking for LNG gas would result in toxic chemical contamination of the water supply as well as encourage the use of more controversial fracking methods in America and beyond.. Keep reading
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