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Vulcan Insight | UK to review all remaining EU laws

David Frost, the UK’s Brexit Minister, on Thursday stated that the UK has begun scrapping EU regulations that were transposed into British law before the UK exited the bloc. Speaking in the House of Lords, he stated: “I want to be clear, our intention is eventually to amend, to replace or to repeal all that retained EU law that is not right for the UK.

In the immediate aftermath of the exit, the UK kept all EU laws and regulations, under a new category called “retained EU law.” This was to avoid a legislative crisis as the country went about disentangling itself from 40 years of EU law.

Frost continued that some of this work has already started, pointing to plans to reform public procurement rules and overhaul financial services legislation. Other areas where the UK plans to diverge from the EU are: Data rights, rules on genetically modified organisms, vehicle standards and port services.

The plans also include the return of the crown stamp on pint glasses and a review of a ban on marking and selling products in imperial units (pounds and ounces).

He stated that Ministers will aim to “tap into the collective wisdom of the British public” by creating a new commission to review which laws should be retained.

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