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Vulcan View The latest EU developments – December 10, 2022

EU set to use trade to strengthen its foreign affairs powers

On Wednesday, the European Commission proposed a new economic trade defence tool to protect itself and its Member States from coercion by third states. The new tool is a direct result of EU Member States having increasingly become the target of third countries looking to exert economic pressure on them in recent years for political concessions. Specifically, the Commission’s new “anti-coercion” tool comes after the U.S. administration under Donald Trump used extra-territorial sanctions on European companies to undermine the EU’s attempts to uphold its side of the Iran Nuclear Deal’s economic framework aspect, as well as his administration’s threats of tariffs on wine and cheese to stop EU national digital service tax initiatives. Keep reading.

European Commission proposes measures to tackle gig economy

Long-awaited draft legislation was published on Thursday of this week, with the European Commission saying that the burden of proof on employment status would shift from individuals to companies. Up until now, gig economy workers have had to go to court to prove they are employees, or risk being denied basic employment rights. Under this draft legislation, gig economy companies operating in the EU such as Uber and Deliveroo, must ensure workers get a minimum wage, access to sick pay, holidays and other rights. Keep reading.

“Critical Gaps” between Government’s climate policy and its implementation

On Wednesday, the Climate Change Advisory Council (CCAC) published its Annual Review for 2021. The year’s Annual Review considered Ireland’s progress to achieving national climate aims in 2020 via climate change mitigation and adaptation, in addition to considering Ireland’s compliance with national, European Union and international climate actions obligations. In the review, the CCAC highlights significant delays in the Irish Government’s delivery and implementation of 2019’s Climate Action Plan as well as the Government’s failure to meet 2020 emission reduction targets. Keep reading.

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