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World premier: Revinax introduces Mixed Reality (HoloLens) during a live open surgery

By Revinax

Revinax combines medical expertise and technical creativity to create cutting-edge training tools for surgeons and marketing and training solutions for various companies.
We are very honoured to share the following news with you:

Montpellier – November 9th, 2017. The Revinax team has achieved a worldwide breakthrough by introducing mixed reality during live surgery. The surgical procedure was performed successfully on November 7th, 2017 under the guidance of Dr Lonjon, a neurosurgeon from the Montpellier University Hospital in France. During the procedure, the surgical team was equipped with HoloLens glasses which provided extra information throughout the surgery.

Please visit to read the press release and watch the impressive video of the HoloLens in action below. Don’t hesitate to contact Revinax to see how Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality can innovate your organization.

Compliments of Revinax, a member of the EACCNY