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Pirelli: Global Industry Leader in Sustainability

Pirelli –

The capacity to innovate, attract and cultivate talent, improve efficiency and interact with other industries. And also to achieve transparency in terms of finance, taxation and corporate governance, undergo external audits and have a positive social and environmental impact.
Pirelli, global industry leader in sustainability
These are only some of the criteria that the RobecoSAM Rating, the company which produces the annual Dow Jones Sustainability Index, takes into consideration when compiling its Sustainability Yearbook, which in 2018 saw the assessment of 2,479 companies from all over the world, encompassing 60 different industries. This year, Pirelli took first place worldwide in the Auto Components industry with a score of 83 points, compared to an average score of 42. The final result was produced from an assessment conducted by RobecoSAM in 2017, with Pirelli taking part on a voluntary basis, as at that time it was not listed on the stock exchange and wouldn’t therefore normally be included in the rankings.

The evaluation criteria used by RobecoSAM to produce its report have been constantly evolving since its first edition in 1999. They are updated each year to adapt to goals related to climate change and the reduction of environmental impact on a global level, guided by the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) presented by the United Nations in September 2015.

Once the evaluation has been completed, companies can be awarded gold (if they get at least 60 points and their score is within 1% of the top performing company’s score), silver (57 points and 1-5%) or bronze (54 points and 5-10%). Finally, the company from the top 15% which has made the biggest improvement in its performance compared to the previous year is awarded the title ‘industry mover’, signifying that it is a source of innovation for its industry.

14 Italian companies took part in this year’s edition of the Sustainability Yearbook and only three received the Gold Class award, with CNH and Saipem the two companies alongside Pirelli. 

The award is an important recognition and rewards those companies which have adopted a model of sustainable management. For Pirelli, in particular, sustainable management is about creating a working environment which is both secure and inclusive, constantly striving to carry out research and innovate, forming partnerships with the most prestigious research centres to make use of new materials with a lower environmental impact, as well as completing research agreements with its own suppliers and clients to ensure constant innovation for Pirelli tyres in terms of environmental efficiency, security and “intelligence” throughout their entire product life cycle, taking both people and the environment into consideration.

Aris Prepoudis, CEO of RobecoSAM stated that “I offer my warmest congratulations to Pirelli for being awarded a Gold Class medal in the 2018 Sustainability Yearbook. The companies included in the Yearbook are the most sustainable in the world and are helping to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals ever more achievable.

Compliments of Pirelli – a member of the EACC in New York