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Strong Europe, Better World: Defending Global Cooperation, Multilateralism and Democracy in Turbulent Times

In a world in flux, Europe has become the standard-bearer for global cooperation, multilateralism and democracy. This is because working together in a spirit of solution and compromise lies at the heart of the European project. While ‘giving in’ is now often portrayed as a weakness, finding – and accepting – the ‘common denominator’ between varying interests is the European Union’s tried and tested way of policymaking.

As some call for ‘Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is obvious that the foundation of this new architecture cannot be solid if every country puts its own interests first in a winner-takes-all fashion; if basic freedoms and human dignity are compromised; and if mainstay stakeholders for vibrant communities – whether the independent media, civil society or empowered women and minorities – are sidelined or even actively undermined.

Almost three decades after the fall of the Iron Curtain, it is a sad reality that the world has now seen its twelfth consecutive year of decline in global freedoms and democracy. It is palpable that we are on the cusp of a new era – one that has the prospect of undermining more than seventy years of progress and relative peace. As democracy comes under growing pressure, a wrong turn could prove impossible to reverse in an age of strongman politics that strives to undermine the rule of law, accountability and political choice.

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Courtesy of the European Political Strategy Centre