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Albert Busch, President & CEO, Datacolor

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Where are you from and what was it like growing up there? I grew up in Belgium at the Belgian coast, close to France.

What is your Hometown famous for and what do you think about it? Belgium is famous for its many historical cities and of course its chocolate and “french fries”

Does your Hometown have a famous dish and do you like and why/why not? Nothing better than having fresh mussels with fries with friends, sitting on a terrace overseeing the ocean

What brought you to NYC? My wife, who was living and working in Princeton, NJ.

What inspired you to pursue your chosen career path? I always wanted to lead a business and go abroad, so I just followed my dreams I guess.

What was a defining moment in your career? The moment I met my wife and decided to move to the US.

What about NYC has made you stay? We enjoy the international aspect of this region and the culture it has to offer.

What’s the biggest cultural difference you’ve noticed between America and your home county? The diversity in people you find here versus at home.

What do strong European-American relationships mean to you, your life, and your organization? I live it every day, having family and friends in both continents and working with colleagues across the globe.

Thank you Albert for sharing your story !