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F. Elusio Zafar Alcalde, Founder of TAXMAP

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Where are you from and what was it like growing up there? London, United Kingdom. London is a great city to grow up in as it has a lot of history that one can learn from.

What is your Hometown famous for and what do you think about it? London is a global city and famous for being at the centre of a number of historical events. The city has survived through it’s pragmatism and determinism and that is channeled into the culture of the people.

Does your Hometown have a famous dish and do you like and why/why not? Sunday Roast and probably Fish & Chips! Yes, love both!

What brought you to NYC? I left the United Kingdom because of the uncertainty around Brexit and NYC was another global city that inspired me.

What inspired you to pursue your chosen career path? I was a lawyer in the UK and became an entrepreneur as I was working on helping advise and solve problems for EU citizens moving across the European continent and started working on a software to help solve the problems of creating credit history across the European Union.

What was a defining moment in your career? I graduated from the Inns of Court School of Law after the financial crisis of 08-09, however I would say the 2016 Brexit vote was a defining moment.

What about NYC has made you stay? The energy of New York City is nowhere else in the world and food is pretty great too!

What’s the biggest cultural difference you’ve noticed between America and your home county? The UK is a small country compared to the USA and in the UK the culture is more subjective whereas in America there is more freedom and opportunity to grow.

What do strong European-American relationships mean to you, your life, and your organization? I think strong European-American relationships help me learn about the diversity, culture and history of both places. Having lived in both Europe and America, there is a unique cultural and history bond between Europe and America that is shared. For TAXMAP it is has been a great way to connect with other members and individuals who have a range of stories that they can share and that we can learn from their experiences.

Thank you Elusio for sharing your story !