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Advancing in US Congress’ Trade Agenda: The Role of Trade Negotiating Authority

This morning, the Senate Finance Committee held an important hearing on the recently introduced Trade Promotion Authority legislation. Senators Baucus and Hatch used their opening statements, which are linked below, to urge quick consideration and passage of the legislation.
For more in-depth coverage of the hearing, you can find the list of witnesses, their prepared remarks, and a video of the proceedings here.

Baucus Statement on the Need to Renew Trade Promotion Authority
Senator Baucus argues that Congress needs Trade Promotion Authority to effectively argue Congressional priorities in each of the proposed trade agreements. These agreements will create American jobs, strengthen the economy, and open new markets for American exports. [ US Senate Committee on Finance]>

Hatch Statement at Finance Committee Hearing Examining the Role of Trade Negotiating Authority in International Trade
Senator Hatch declares that Congress must adopt  trade negotiating authority to effectively advance trade negotiations. Without this legislation, Congress will have limited power to pursue its launched trade initiatives including TTIP.  He also called for President Obama to take an increasingly active role in order to convince his Congressional Democratic colleagues to support his trade agenda. [ US Committee on Finance]