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Ambassador Vale de Almeida Highlights Potential of EU-U.S. Cooperation in 2013

Looking ahead to 2013, Ambassador João Vale de Almeida, Head of the European Union Delegation to the U.S., said he sees great potential for further EU-U.S. cooperation on foreign policy and economic matters, building upon the strong transatlantic ties.

“I am very confident that in the the year to follow, the European Union and the United States will work together to promote growth and jobs across the Atlantic,” said Ambassador Vale de Almeida in his New Year’s video message. “We can promote and enhance economic activity across the Atlantic to the benefit of our citizens.”

Ambassador Vale de Almeida also emphasized how much the EU and U.S. can do together concerning “issues of foreign policy, security, development assistance, and fighting poverty around the world.” He highlighted the EU’s 2012 Nobel Peace Prize as an inspiration for work in years to come.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2013, Ambassador Vale de Almeida said “the EU and U.S. can make the world a better place around our shared values of freedom, democracy, protection of human rights, and rule of law.”

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