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An new e-commerce gateway to and from the US, with Salesupply!

On the 1st of October 2014, cross-border specialist for online retailers, brands and manufacturers Salesupply, has opened a new office in the US. From here, Salesupply – A EACCNY Member – will start supporting EU and Chinese online retailers to enter the US e-commerce market.

“We are the gateway for online retailers to the US and from the US to Europe, China and Brazil,” says Timon van den Berg, Country Manager for the US.

After the opening of a Chinese office in Shanghai in late 2013, this is the thirteenth local dependency added to the Salesupply network around the globe. A look at the figures made the US a logical choice: In terms of B2C online revenue, the US is the largest e-commerce market worldwide with a turnover of  $262,58bn US dollars. In 2013, the market grew by 17 percent compared to 2012. The US B2C e-commerce market is predicted to reach a volume of up to $500bn US dollars in 2017. “These figures are showing us that there is a lot of market potential to be seized by European and Chinese e-tailers,” believes van den Berg.

Another important reason for Salesupply to set up an office in the US is the fact that 52 percent of all US- based online merchants are active in cross-border e-commerce. Timon van den Berg: “We are already helping out US-based clients to successfully sell their goods in Europe. With our permanent settlement in the US we can serve these clients better and expand our local client base”.

About Salesupply

Salesupply is a global e-business services company that enables eRetailers to achieve profitable international growth faster, more efficiently and with relatively low costs. Salesupply provides a full range of solutions ranging from research and strategy, to effective localization of web shops, followed by complete operational support, traffic generation and brand management. Through our advanced systems, our flexible operational structure and our international office network we are able to ‚embed‘ these services seamlessly in our customers’ business model. Today we are helping over 200 satisfied webshops with their international e-commerce, including A.T.U, Marks and Spencer, G-Star, O’,, Expresso Fashion, Impericon, Sloggi, EKOSPORT, Unisport and many more. The Salesupply network includes subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the US, Spain, France, Denmark, the UK, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Poland, China and the US.  Learn more: