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Austria is the Second Richest Country in the EU

Austria has moved ahead and is now second in the EU ranking for per capita gross domestic product (GDP), and is surpassed only by Luxembourg. According to Eurostat, 2012 GDP per capita of the EU member states in the year 2012 ranged from 47 to 271 percent of the Purchasing Power Standard (PPS) of the EU-27 average.

Austria was the second most prosperous country in the EU behind Luxembourg, and moved up from third place in the previous year to second place at present. In 2012 GDP per capita in Austria was 31 percent above the EU average (100 percent), compared to 29 percent in 2011 and 27 percent in 2010.

Ireland was ranked third, followed by the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain. The poorest countries in the EU whose performance is less than 50 percent of the EU average remain Romania (49 percent) and Bulgaria (47 percent). The Baltic States as well as Hungary and Poland also feature a relatively low level of prosperity.