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A New EU-US Agenda for Global Change

“In a changing global landscape, I believe it is time for a new transatlantic agenda fit for today’s world. And I believe it is Europe who should take the initiative.” President Ursula von der Leyen, November 2020

Following the election of President Biden and Vice-President Harris by the people of the United States of America, combined with a more assertive and capable European Union, and a new geopolitical and economic reality, the European Commission and the High Representative are putting forward a proposal for a new, forward-looking transatlantic agenda for global change.

This proposal is centred on areas where EU-US interests converge, our collective leverage can best be used and where global leadership is required. It has a united, capable and self-reliant EU at its core, which is good for Europe, good for the transatlantic partnership and good for the multilateral system.

THIS NEW TRANSATLANTIC AGENDA WILL BE GUIDED BY: Stronger multilateral action and institutions Pursuit of common interests and leveraging our collective strength Looking for solutions that respect our common values of fairness, openness and competition.

Click here to read the entire program the EU Commission outlined.