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Access to EU Financing for European SME’s

The European Union supports entrepreneurs and businesses with a wide range of EU programmes providing financing through local financial institutions. Every year the EU supports more than 200.000 businesses.

Who is eligible for EU funding?

Funding is available for start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies of any size or sector. A wide range of financing is available: Loans, guarantees, equity funding and other.

How it works

The decision to provide EU financing will be made by the local financial institutions such as banks, guarantee societies or equity investors. Thanks to the EU support the local financial institutions can provide additional financing to businesses.

The exact financing conditions – the amount, duration, interest rates and fees – are determined by these financial institutions. Contact one of over 1000 financial institutions to find out more.

Your right for credit feedback

You have a right to get feedback from credit institutions on their credit decision. This can help you understand your financial position and improve your chances to obtain financing in the future. Use your right and refer to Article 431 of the EU Capital Requirements Regulation 2013.