Chapter News

Brexit has raised support for the European Union

The decision made by Britain to leave the EU and the political and economic consequences that will follow have made a measurable impact for citizens of other member states: their support of the European Union has grown.
More Europeans wish to be a part of the European Union. Between March 2016 and August 2016 the support for being a member of the Union grew by five per cent, and is now at 62% across Europe. Notable is the increase in the United Kingdom, before the Referendum only 49% said they would vote to remain. The eupinions survey in August found that 56% would have voted to stay in the Union, this is an increase of seven percent. This trend can be observed in almost all member states of the European Union that were represented in eupinions.
Approval of the European Union grew by eight per cent in Germany (from 61% to 69%), by nine per cent in Poland (from 68% to 77%), by
three per cent in France (from 50% to 53%), and in Italy it grew by two per cent (49% to 51%). The only outlier is Spain where approval shrunk from
a high rating of 71 per cent to, although still high, 69 per cent. The British referendum concerning the exit of the European Union and its political
and economic consequences seems to have left a clear impression on other Europeans citizens.