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Brexit: Negotiation mandate adopted by EU-27

The 27 member states of the European Union today adopted the negotiating mandate of Michel Barnier and his team, giving him the green light to open discussions on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and EU Institutions.

“The EU-27 formally adopts the Brexit negotiating directives, appoints the Commission as negotiator and authorizes the opening of negotiations,” the EU’s Maltese EU Presidency said on the social network.

The mandate given by the member states is “firm and clear”, welcomed the EU’s deputy negotiator, Sabine Weyand, also on Twitter.

Named on July 27, 2016, just a little over a month after the British referendum on Brexit, Michel Barnier has already trained his team and traveled the EU-27 to meet all its leaders.

The Europeans have set three issues that must be resolved in order for the withdrawal to be judged “ordered”: citizens’ rights, settlement of financial issues and new external borders of the EU, with special attention to the republic of Ireland and the British Province of Northern Ireland.

Europeans want a “phased” negotiation. Once these three points have reached an advanced stage of compromise, discussions can begin on the future relationship between the EU and its British neighbor after more than four decades of accession.

Translated from the French. Compliments of Figaro.