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Council Conclusions on the Single Market Strategy

REITERATES that the Single Market is Europe’s main engine for growth and job creation and a key to investment and increasing European competitiveness.

EMPHASISES that strengthening and deepening the Single Market requires urgent and ambitious actions, both at Union and national level, to deliver concrete and pragmatic results which directly benefit consumers and businesses, in particular SMEs. UNDERLINES that the Single Market Strategy, together with the Digital Single Market Strategy and the Capital Markets Union, constitute essential drivers for future-proof growth and job creation and should therefore be implemented in a timely, ambitious and mutually consistent way.

In light of the above, RECALLS the European Council’s call to speed up the adoption, transposition and implementation of Union legislation in the Single Market area and to enhance efforts to remove barriers and to complete the Single Market in products and services, and STRESSES that such an accelerated and intensified approach requires priority treatment by all three institutions, with a view to achieving ambitious results on the concrete proposals, in line with better regulation principles.

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