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Council rotating presidencies: decision on revised order due to Brexit

On 26 July 2016, the Council adopted a decision establishing a revised order in which the member states will hold the presidency of the Council of the EU until 2030.

Following the UK decision to relinquish the Council presidency in the second half of 2017, the Council decided to bring forward by six months the order of presidencies, starting from 1 July 2017.

It also decided to add Croatia, which was not yet a member state at the time of the original decision, for the period January-June 2020.

The revised order of the presidencies of the Council runs until 2030 (the previous decision covered only until June 2020) and is set out below:

Malta January-June 2017
Estonia July-December 2017
Bulgaria January-June 2018
Austria July-December 2018
Romania January-June 2019
Finland July-December 2019
Croatia January-June 2020
Germany July-December 2020
Portugal January-June 2021
Slovenia July-December 2021
France January-June 2022
Czech Republic July-December 2022
Sweden January-June 2023
Spain July-December 2023
Belgium January-June 2024
Hungary July-December 2024
Poland January-June 2025
Denmark July-December 2025
Cyprus January-June 2026
Ireland July-December 2026
Lithuania January-June 2027
Greece July-December 2027
Italy January-June 2028
Latvia July-December 2028
Luxembourg January-June 2029
Netherlands July-December 2029
Slovakia January-June 2030
Malta July-December 2030

Regarding the order of presidencies as from 1 January 2031, the Council is required to take a decision before 31 December 2029.

The presidency of the Council of the EU