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EU Fortifies Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity – the best defense in one of the newest theaters of war—must respond to constantly transforming targets in order to eliminate or minimize unimaginable damage to a society’s security and infrastructure. What today is mostly the stuff of science fiction could tomorrow become reality without constant cyber vigilance.

The European Union aims to keep pace with cyber vulnerabilities, and on December 7, 2015, adopted EU-wide rules affecting network and information security. The new legislation will: improve cybersecurity capabilities in Member States; improve Member States’ cooperation on cybersecurity; require operators of essential services in the energy, transport, banking, and healthcare sectors, and providers of key digital services like search engines and cloud computing, to take appropriate security measures and report incidents to the national authorities.

“Improving cooperation and information exchange between Member States is a key element of the agreed rules and will help us tackle the increasing number of cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is essential in today’s European digital economy and society–and it remains a permanent challenge,” said Andrus Ansip, European Commission Vice-President, responsible for the Digital Single Market.

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