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European Union Holds 2015 Climate Diplomacy Day

Today, June 17, the European Union and its Member States hold a Climate Diplomacy Day with a series of events throughout the United States to raise awareness of the threat from climate change, and stress the importance of reaching a new climate agreement at the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris this December, one which will limit any global temperature rise to 2°C and avoid potentially disastrous man-made impacts on our climate.


“2015 is a decisive year for climate negotiations,” said EU Ambassador to the U.S. David O’Sullivan. “With less than six months to the Paris Climate Summit, the countdown is on for us to reach an ambitious agreement to reduce global emissions. The European Union, as the leader in the fight against climate change, will be looking for collective commitments that represent a significant departure from business as usual and place us on the path towards a sustainable low carbon economy.”

Ambassador O’Sullivan welcomed the increased recognition in the U.S. that climate change is a clear and present danger requiring us to act before it is too late. “And we are convinced that together the U.S. and the EU can play a decisive role in reaching a historic deal in Paris,” he said, adding that “Climate change is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Let’s all mobilize to counter climate change, mitigate its impact, and adapt to its effects.”