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Eurostat: 1 out of every 8 persons in the EU could be 80 or above by 2080

The European Union as a whole is confronted with an ageing population. In 2014, the proportion of persons aged 65 or over reached 18.5% in the EU and it is projected to further increase in the future to almost 30% by 2080.

In particular, the proportion of persons aged 80 or over among the total population is expected to more than double, from just over 5% in 2014 to more than 12% by 2080. This demographic trend confronts the EU with major challenges, notably regarding the economic situation and social inclusion of older people. On the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons, celebrated each year on 1 October, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, publishes demographic indicators on elderly people living in the EU.

Data on the risk of poverty and social exclusion among persons aged 65 or over, as well as on elderly internet users are also presented in this News Release. These indicators are only a small part of the data by age available on the Eurostat website. More information is available in this Eurostat press release.

Courtesy of the European Commission