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Eurostat regional yearbook 2015: A statistical portrait of the EU across the regional spectrum

The regional yearbook, published every year by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, provides an overview of European regional statistics covering a wide range of fields.

It is thus a helpful tool to understand the regional diversity that exists within the EU. Commenting on the yearbook, Marianne Thyssenresponsible for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobilitysaid: “Despite economic recovery and signs of improvements in the EU labour market, the employment situation varies between the EU Member States. We can observe the same pattern at regional level with wide disparities in employment rates between regions at national level. Through the European Social fund we are supporting regional development, promoting employment and social cohesion.” 

Corina Crețuresponsible for Regional Policy said“The annual regional yearbook is an essential tool to assess the impact of Cohesion policy on the ground and to tailor it further in order to better address the specific needs of territories and communities in the future.”

To read this year’s regional yearbook, click here

Courtesy of the European Commission