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New “We The People” petitions platform improves the way you can engage with The White House

Over the past few years, The Whitehouse have watched closely as millions of people created and signed petitions on our We the People petitions platform. We’ve responded to our signers on issues from overtime rules, to STEM OPT regulations, to the Syrian refugee crisis.

We’ve watched how people used the site and have heard some helpful feedback from the community. Now, we have something exciting to share with you: a new version of We the People.

You’ll notice that we made a few significant updates — not just to make more fun and easy to use, but also because it’s our priority to continually evolve our digital products toward the needs and aspirations of our community.
Some things, of course, stayed the same. The threshold for response is still 100,000 signatures. When we respond, we are still going to be candid and honest. And whenever possible, we’re going to find ways to engage further: to talk with you directly, to answer questions, and to connect you to ongoing opportunities to learn about and participate in a cause that matters to you.

That’s the most exciting element of this platform. Not just the conversations it starts and the real change it can foster, ­but the potential future it points to.  Our hope is that We the People will become an essential tool of civic participation, one that long outlives this administration — and all of that depends on your continued participation.

So check out the new design, and see if there’s anything that sparks your interest.

Jason Goldman, Chief Digital Officer, THE WHITE HOUSE | @goldman44

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