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Priorities for Europe: EU leaders set objectives for 2017

To create a better Europe, the EU is focusing this year on legislative proposals that can make a difference to everyone. The main issues to tackle include security, the migration crisis, climate change and the digital single market. Find out more about the EU’s six priorities for 2017 and what Parliament is doing to make them possible.

In December former Parliament President Martin Schulz, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Robert Fico, representing the rotating Council presidency, signed the first ever joint declaration setting out the EU’s objectives and priorities for 2017. For the coming 12 months they promised to focus on:

  • Employment and growth
  • A social Europe
  • Security
  • Migration crisis
  • Digital single market
  • Energy and climate change

To find out what this will mean for you and the role Parliament will be playing, read our articles on each of the priorities.

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