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Reform of UK membership: “Parliament will do the utmost to support the compromise”

In the case of a deal on a reform of the UK’s EU membership, Parliament will do its utmost to support it, but the result is not guaranteed, warned EP President Martin Schulz. He spoke out after UK Prime Minister David Cameron discussed Parliament’s position with leading MEPs on Tuesday. The visit came ahead of Thursday’s European Council summit when heads of state will try to come to an agreement. Schulz will attend to present Parliament’s position.

Although Schulz said Parliament was committed to being as constructive and fast as possible in the case of a deal, he could not guarantee the outcome: “To be quite clear, no government can go to the parliament and say, ‘This is our proposal. Can you give a guarantee to ensure the result?’ This is not possible in a democracy, but the European Parliament will do the utmost to support the compromise and a fair deal, but I can’t guarantee the result in the European Parliament.”

Schulz made his comments while addressing journalists following his meeting with Cameron, which he called “constructive”. They discusses issues such as migrants claiming benefits and how to prevent non-eurozone countries from being discriminated.

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