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Remarks by Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselboem following Eurogroup conference call of 1 July 2015

01/07/2015 Tonight we had a Eurogroup conference call, following our call of yesterday. We discussed the two letters of the Greek Prime Minister. We also discussed the current political situation in Greece.
First of all, regarding the request for the extension of the old programme which we discussed yesterday, we reaffirmed our decision of last Saturday. The political situation has not changed. There are no grounds for an extension. So unfortunately the programme expired last night at midnight.

Secondly there were the proposals from the Greek authorities to further amend the proposals from the institutions. At this point in time we simply took note of these proposals. The main decision was that, given the political situation, the rejection of the previous proposals, the referendum which will take place on Sunday, and the recommendation by the Greek government to vote No, we see no grounds for further talks at this point. There will be no talks in the coming days, either at Eurogroup level or between the Greek authorities and the institutions on proposals or financial arrangements. We will simply await now the outcome of the referendum on Sunday and take into account the outcome of that referendum.

Finally I can just say that I’m very sorry about the situation, given the strong determination of the Greek people to be part of Europe and to remain a part of the Eurozone in which we fully support them.